Navasky Religious School

Navasky Religious School

Message from the Director of Education

Welcome to Navasky Explorers! We are very proud of the educational program that we have created for every member of our youth community. Our Navasky Explorers is truly a 21th century educational program. We strive to make every youngster feel valued and welcome. Our goal is to create a community of active learners and to instill in every youngster a sense of pride in who we are and a genuine love of Judaism.

We are proud to announce the development and publication of a formal curriculum for our community of learners. It is a developing work in the making that will continue to evolve with the needs and personalities of our students. Please take the time to review our curriculum documents that are included on this website.

As a 21st century educational program, we have integrated technology into the classroom with a portable lab of 30 I pads that are in use on a daily basis. We maintain a website that corresponds to our Hebrew/Siddur curriculum in which a student can access any prayer s/he is studying and chant along with a Beth El member while viewing a specific prayer, blessing or Torah or Haftorah Trope. Students are motivated to achieve in this area through the Navasky Chants its Way to Israel Challenge. This year, our students mastered 4 or 5 times as many lines of Siddur as they had the previous year. Along with the prayers is interpretive commentary created by our Rabbi to help the student gain an understanding of the prayer that s/he is working on. Understanding the meaning of prayer is an important part of this new program.

Navasky Explorers is open to children age 3 through grade 8. Our K’tanim program is available for preschoolers ages 3 and up. This once a month group learns about Jewish holidays and Jewish culture through music, dance, stories and arts and crafts projects. Kindergarten meets 3 times a month and grades 1 and 2 meet s each Sunday. Non-Beth El families may enroll their children in K’tanim and Kindergarten. Grades 3 through 7 meet each Tuesday afternoon and Sunday morning. Meeting times are:

Tuesday afternoons: 4:15-6:00pm      Sunday mornings: 9:30am-12:15-pm

This year, we are offering a special program for 8th graders. It includes an important community service component. The 8th graders meet one Sunday a month and engage in learning about comparative Judaism and comparative religion. Many of these sessions include travel to different houses of worship.

A critical part of the Navasky program includes experiential learning. There have been family Shabbatot in which our students lead services and together through Cooperative Learning techniques and group discussion, students and their parents learn about prayer. We have also sponsored over-night experiences called Shul-Ins and full Shabbat experiences called Shabbatons. There are fun holiday celebrations such as our Hanukkah Bash, Purim Carnival, Passover Round Robin Competition and our grades K-2 Model Seder. All involve hands-on learning. We also sponsor an annual 6th Grade Parsha Expo for students to develop creative presentations and displays that teach about their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parsha. All Navasky and day school students take part in these activities and have created a very special youth community.

Navasky Explorers presents every youngster with a special adventure. Join us for what will be a very exciting journey that will be a life-changing experience. For more information, contact us at 203-838-2710 or email.

Kol tuv,

 Al Treidel

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K'tanim and Kindergarten Program

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Become a Hebrew Mentor

Are you interested in making a difference in the life of a Jewish child?  Volunteer as a Hebrew Reading Mentor!  Contact Al Treidel for details, 203.838.2710.

Snow Day Policy

  • If  Norwalk Public Schools are closed on a Tuesday, Navasky is closed.
  • If  Norwalk Public Schools are on a delayed schedule on a Tuesday, Navasky will open ton time.
  • If Norwalk Public Schools close early, Navasky is canceled.

Where to check to see if Navasky is closed:

  • Your email - I will send out an email if Navasky is closed) 
  • Internet: CTWeather (select IAN Cancellations and then Schools) or News12.
  • In addition, parents will receive a phone call if they indicated they wanted one.

In deciding whether to come to school, we encourage parents to use their judgment about road conditions where they reside and err on the side of caution.  We understand that conditions do differ across the wide area our students travel.
If conditions deteriorate during the school day, parents will be notified about the time that school will close.  Verbal permission will be accepted for a child to be taken home by another parent or caregiver.  You are welcome to pick your child up at any time should you feel that weather conditions are becoming unsafe.

Sat, 29 April 2017 3 Iyyar 5777