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High Holidays 2020


Need more information, see our High Holiday Packet here:

2020 High Holiday Packet


Mishloach Machzorim Form for Congregants


Click on the highlighted links for access to the Zoom sessions



For guidance or questions during this week, please call or email the office.

If you need help accessing these links during the holiday, please call

STEVE at 203-500-0751.

    We are using Zoom because we aren’t able to gather together in person. The technology lets us share the holiday—but it’s easy to forget that when our cameras are on, we may be inadvertently sharing too much. Please keep that in mind when joining services or attending any of our programs.


Erev Yom Kippur, September 27

    Candle Lighting 6:23 pm

    Kol Nidre Service 6:15 pm

Yom Kippur, September 28

    Study Session: Preparing the Soul, Interpretive Readings 9:45 am with Sharon Rosen  

    Traditional Service 9:45 am, Pissukei d'Zimra and Shacharit

    Family Sing-a-long & Story Time 9:45 am 

    Lobby*: see link/information below 10:00 am

    Main Service 10:30 am including Yizkor

    Youth Engagement Grades K-3 10:30 am 

    Youth Engagement Grades 4-7 11:30 am

    Study Session: Music from Around the World 12:00 pm

    Traditional Service, Musaf 12:00 pm

    Study Session: U-netaneh tokef – The Sacred Power of the Day 12:00 pm with David Hirshfield

Yom Kippur, Mincha/Neilah September 28

    Main Service, Mincha 5:45 pm   

    Study Session: Welcome to the Tribe: how intermarriage, conversion, and the High Holidays intersect with our families. 6:30 pm with Sharon DeFala

    Main Service, Neilah/Final Shofar Blast/Break Fast  6:50 pm

*Join us in the "LOBBY" each holiday at 10:00 am until 10:45 am. If you want to be grouped in a break out session with anyone in particular, please contact the office, or 203-838-2710. Reminder, password required.

Lobby Yom Kippur, 10:00 am



Order your Lulav & Etrog here

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Sukkot, First Day, October 3:

     Service 10:00 am

     7:13 pm Candle Lighting

Sukkot, Second Day, October 4:

     Service 10:00 am

     7:19 pm Havdalah (holiday continues)

Hoshana Rabbah, October 9

  10:00 am Minyan, Last Chance to Shake the Lulav

  6:03 pm Candle Lighting, Erev Shemini Atzeret

Shemini Atzeret, October 10

     Service 10:00 am, including Yizkor

Erev Simchat Torah, October 10

     Story Slam 7:00 pm hosted by Keith Satter featuring story tellers: Nancy Elyze Brier, Sophie Jacobson, Steve Stein, Danielle Wozniak

    Zoom Link

Simchat Torah, October 11

     Service 10:00 am 

Thu, September 24 2020 6 Tishrei 5781