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Yahrzeit Reminders

The current Yahrzeit list for the next three days is:

Friday 04 Iyyar

  • N/A for Benjamin Delson
  • Robin Rockoff for mother, Ellen Bernheim
  • Susan Nevas, Esq. for Charles Nevas*

Saturday 05 Iyyar

  • Irmgard Herz for Father of Irmgard, Salomon Loeb*
  • N/A for Anna Kornblum*
  • N/A for Lea Gurvich
  • Paul Ginsberg for Paul's father, Irving Theodore Ginsberg
  • Stuart Steinman for Stuart's father, Bertram Steinman

Sunday 06 Iyyar

  • Charles Stabinsky for Charles' mother, Fannie Stabinsky*
  • David Lenore for David's Aunt, Ida Greenberg
  • Josh Nemzer for mother, Beatrice Nemzer
  • N/A for Irma Neuberger*
  • N/A for Samuel Jobrack*
  • N/A for Florence Mehlman
  • Shari Davidson for Shari's Uncle, Bruce Merlob


Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyyar 5781