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Yahrzeit Reminders

The current Yahrzeit list for the next three days is:

Sunday 21 Tishrei

  • Gloria Stein for your brother, Franklyn Maier
  • Irwin Rudich for Rose's father, Leon Stein
  • Myra Dashefsky for Myra's Husband, Colman Dashefsky
  • N/A for Julius Altman
  • N/A for Lester Bardack
  • Rose Rudich for Rose's father, Leon Stein

Monday 22 Tishrei

  • Alan Dubrow for sister, Marlene Angress
  • Elliot H. Gertel for Mother, Lusia Gertelman
  • Florence Temko for Morris Malkin*
  • Hilary Shaefitz for Father, Nathan Krantz
  • N/A for Louis Klein*
  • N/A for Lusia Gertelman
  • N/A for Faye Goodman*
  • N/A for Regina Haase*

Tuesday 23 Tishrei

  • N/A for Lillian Vogel*
  • N/A for Irving Hook


Sun, October 20 2019 21 Tishrei 5780